Devon and Cornwall Police Corruption.

Dear Devon and Cornwall Police. Dear Bodmin Courts. Dear Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. Dear Looe Town Council. Dear Livewest Housing LTD. Armand Toms, You think that I did this to myself?

I logged a crime report (it was ignored) – I was beaten the f*** out of by Paul Powell and David Bennet when Sarah Soames just watched. I never beat her, I never hurt her. (Photograph of beaten face)

Leandra Stone then plied them all with drinks at the Admiral Boscarne and they bullied and hurt me on a daily basis and tortured me. (Photograph of my hand after Leandra Stone and Elliot Stone attacked and beat me.

They f****** tortured me. I was/am openly gay was/am openly transgender was/am openly Autistic was/am openly suffering from depression.

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