It’s that point when the world is beautiful. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

When one knows that Justice can not be bought.

When one knows that they Love. ❤️

Your world is in chaos and everything around You is chaos, but you find a seashell and everything fits into place.


When they talk of me Most is Truth, some is not.

I learned how to forgive and I found compassion in extraordinay circumstances.

I found Kindness in a Storm.

I found Justice in a Court Room with them all yapping like excited dogs.

Just like the children on skateboards wishing by, I found that I too could make a harp and a tamborine.

I don’t play with matches, but I found that I could light a candle and pray.

I am not frightened of the dark.

And never will be again.

And I am so so grateful that I learned how to weep and cry again – I am so so so grateful.

I thought they were tears of Sorrow, this was not true – they were tears of Joy.

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