I could not be happier because these tears are washing me down.
And again I talked to seagulls and cried at their brilliant flight.
You are correct Alyster, said the Lord.
I have seen what they do to you – You are correct Alyster.
I give to you, this morning tears.
I give to you, this morning a way out of numbness a way out of pain.
I give to you, this morning the smell of the salt water washing our everyday from the sea at Looe. 
You are a Cornish man and so many have tried to batter that out of you, but you held on Alyster. You held on.

You still hold on. 

And here we are weeping together You and Me. 
Knowing the crimes against you. 
Your body and spirit so broken Alyster.
And yet. 
Here you are. Still.
Still, Here you are. 

Let’s chuckle through tears as we nod at betrayal.
Family, friends, police, housing.
Let’s chuckle together as we watch the seagulls soar.
What beautiful, beautiful salt in those tears. 
And this is what I did for you today Alyster.
I swapped the numbness for the real. 
And we cried together. 
( Day 10 Hunger Strike) 

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