It is such a difficult thing. It should not be, but it is.

When we open our hearts to love as children and as adults it is a slippery slope of snakes and ladders.

Out of all of my ‘Art Works’: Songwriting, Poetry, Fine Arts, Crafts. 
One is my most favourite – this Lamp, made out of rusty, polished wheel parts, Edison Style bulb and a wire lampshade which I fashioned to spell the word ‘Love.’

I think that what happened was that I tried to be a ‘Free Spirit.’

It kind of worked, but didn’t work and then it Did work.

It was yesterday morning and I was looking to the beach front and the crashing waves and I saw that the baby seagull had grown up. 

In my mind, to myself (Thank Goodness) I was talking to them and saying “Buds, I have no food.”

And then
I remembered I had bought butter to go with my potatoes for the whole week. 

I never buy butter. 

But I did yesterday.

So I am kind of asking God … do seagulls like butter?

I don’t know Alyster he says, try it and find out. 

(They did, they liked a couple of little throws of knobs of butter) 

One thing I hate about tourism in Cornwall is people kicking, starving, throwing stones at, hurting seagulls. 

They were here long before a Cornish School ‘Half Term.’

I Fucking Love Them.

They Wake me up every morning.

I Fucking Love Them.

Let’s talk about Love here.

I didn’t get to Church today BTW. I was sober, but sleep deprived. 

The Good News is that I have, now, learned and can play guitar by heart … by Which, I mean ‘Jesus, Be the Centre.’

Look at our hands, look at our acts says Reverend Chloe Jones. 
Tell My Jokes and Stories on says Reverend Andrew Day.
Anita, You are a multi tasker . You and John play That Church Organ so beautific. At Riverside United Church, West Looe, Cornwall.

Frances, I am so pleased that You were called.

Your Kindness, this weekend has been incredible. 

I have nothing now. But, I have everything. 

Let Me Explain. 

Potatoes. I Have. Tobacco, I have. Warmth and Shelter, I have. 
Coffee? well, a little bit. Electric …well a little bit. 

Thousands of Art Works in every media going I have. 

Injustice. Wow Injustice against me? We are talking a million Mount Everests Everest’s Everestsetsts . Sorry Spell Check went there. 

I am not one for challenging Nature. I am one for challenging ‘Us’ People, Humans. The things that we do to each other, that make all other creatures pity ‘Us.’ 

Catch You on Monday 28th February. 2022.

…don’t be a robot, feel the Stars and the Universe and never be afraid.

… Try Your Best – That is Good enough. 

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