I won’t be going to Church today. I am in such emotional anguish. My sincere apologies to friends and in my Church too. I desperately want to forgive all of those people whom have hurt me, through betrayal, ignorance, cruelty and negligence.

But, I can’t.

At least not today.

In bed at night I stroke the bridge of my nose where it was broken again by an attacker and touch the scarring on my lips.

Each bump and change to my body they made is a constant reminder of Hate Crime and what they did. What they did to an autistic person.

We are not in the 21st Centurary. We are in Medival Times with the same stigma, bias and prejudice as that age.

I hold on to a glimmer of hope but it is the size of a pea in a globe or planet.

My Mother once gave me a hand sewn quilt. I believed in her kindness and Love.

I do not believe that now based on her and my Father’s actions.

The refuse collector comes tomorrow, the quilt will be in a bin liner.

If any of my friends – and I know you will – please keep loving members of your ‘family’ if they are depressed, from lgbtqia community or autistic or sufferng from addiction to try and cope. Please may I ask that you keep trying to see the whole person with compassion and mercy.

It is no easy task to speak out publicly about these things, but that has always been my way.

I have a lovely new hat and I will try again next Sunday.

We had two suicides in our ‘family.’ I have fought hard to not be the third.

Always phone The Samaritans if your voice is in danger of being so silenced that the scream and suffering of the/our Human Condition is stolen.

My posts are a roller coaster at Alton Towers, I know this. Please understand that this is not attention seeking or trivial or I play. I never play with matters this serious even life threatening.

Never Ever apply for files (freedom of info) and information kept on you by Public Bodies or Statuatory Bodies and then read them on your own. Never. Always make sure you have a friend or someone you trust. The extent to which poor, false, bad, reportage of a patient, client, and such is the most awful in Society this day.

That Professionals are so or can be – behind the scenes – so dangerous to those whom they are supposed to be protecting or caring for is shockng.

I have reached a stage beyond Shock.

Change needs to happen. Non Violent Change needs to Happen.

Mr. Alyster Gynn Sunday 6th February 2022

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