Dear Friends. I feel more hopeful. One of the bullies that has previously attacked me has now been caught on cctv letting in a group of friends in after they have attacked me just before they enter the building. For the first time housing and police are seeing what it is that I have had to endure for so long and can now see the bullying network’s Perverting the course of justice.

I still face challenges, but I have more hope now of over coming such. I haven’t managed and have misused alchohol to try and ease immence grief, trauma and pain. However, I am finding great support from our local ‘We are with you’ and inspiration frm others. I now do not feel so alone. With Facebook friends, my Church friends and accessing the addiction support networks – I aim to embrace life and be committed to my independence and self care. As always, A big Thank You to everyone who has helped and supported me through these traumatic years. 

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