Spectrum Art Award .

End of February 2022.


It is just that little this is a little bit of hope of something.

That my painting submitted to this award will journey forward.

Within Covid and the need for organisations to change deadlines – I am so pleased that my painting went forward.

By the end of February, I am guessing that I will know if I stand a chance of winning a ‘Spectrum Award.’

In so many ways, it does not matter. I painted a portrait of an incredible Reverend who (with others) gave me hope.

That I was diagnosed by Simon Baron Cohen’s team gives me Hope. That Autism was established, in terms of my life journey, gives me hope.

The portrait that I entered. The Painting entered was of Reverend Andrew Day.


I do not have the original paintings of Reverend Andrew Day or Reverend Chloe Jones. They were given as gifts to say ‘Thank You.’

Thank You to Our Church. Riverside United, Looe, Cornwall.


judging me, but showing LOVE.

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