Refuse to let ‘Hate Crime’ kill your spirit. Your bones and body can heal, but keep your faith and your spirit alive. You may wake up with night tremors and scream out because of the trauma. But do not let them win. They are bullies and some of them are on the quaint little tourist streets and some of them wear uniforms and get paid highly. MY body seems to have an incredible way of healing itself after vicious attack. I meditate constantly and ask higher power for healing. This weekend, I will be: cold sea swimming (with wetsuit – I’m not that brave) … I will be careful, my nose is still healing. Going to Riverside Church on Sunday Morning to hear what the lovely Biddy has to tell us. Walking, tidying my flat, yearning for tobacco as I ran out (but, know I can manage until Monday). I will be washing any dishes and putting them away. I will be drinking lots of water. And when I am out and about, I will be smiling. When it comes to bullies … that really irritates them. ❤️Sincerely, once again, wishing all friends Peace and Love.Image shows the 7 crafted wooden twig Chakras from Kilminorth Woods, Looe in Cornwall. Stain Glass Window, St Mary’s Church. Hand painted orange trees on my wall and my favourite image of Frida Kahlo. x

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