LOOE, CORNWALL. UK. To give the names of the people in Looe, Cornwall – those who attacked me, lied to the police, defamed me and hurt me so much after all these years, is quite a relief.I have been waiting on the judicial system for nearly fifteen years. The attacks in terms of ‘Hate Crime’ LGBTQIA , autism and mental health difficulty (depression)and domestic abuse (family)Now, when I think about it I wonder why it took so long, but I know why. I know the answer to that. The biggest is that I lost trust in Devon and Cornwall Police a long time ago.Here are the names of those who deliberatly went out to hurt me and, of course, with physical violence too.The injuries to my body have been severe and copious.If I don’t speak out now, someone else may suffer. The last attack on me was this Wednesday. I am at home now recovering.Looe, Cornwall – Hate CrimePaul Powell.St Mary’sAlfie Powell.Relative.David Bennets. St Mary’s. Lyandra Stone Linandra Stone. Admiral Boscarne, opposite St Mary’s.Elliot Stone.Karen Stopes, lying in court twice, Black Swan employee, Drinks in The Ship and Fishermans Arms. Admiral Boscarne opposite St Mary’s.Nigel Kemp, Loowenna Cafe. Opposite St Mary’s.Georgina Ramsey.St Mary’s and Loowenna Cafe.Alan March. St Mary’s. Daryn Hills Darryn Hills. St Mary’s.Rosie Murray. St Mary’sEric Murray.Margaret Pengelly Deanne****** Surname filed with his image. ****** Soames. lied to police. Statement applied for from adevon and Cornwall Police. Alan boscarne proprieterJamie Wright. Employee Admiral Boscarne opposite St Mary’s. Stephanie. Boscarne proprieter.Nathan, Boscarne employee.Lee Barman Fishermans Inn. All staff Fishermans inn. Scott Dowell. Mentioned in police reports with margaret pengelly and Johnathan Lang. Ginger hair red, fair hair, friend of Margaret Pengelly, consistant constant lier and homophobic threats attacks and threats of violence (Gynn has hundreds of records and photographic evidence)Attack from Salutation. By two Gay me against a trans and gay man myself.Attack from angling club. 5 men one including the Polish, and I’m sure, now British citizen with my blessing. Council worker ‘Carol’ my apologies at misspelling.I feel relief.When Police Fail, use Freedom of Speech. Mr. Alyster Gynn 07/01/22Also: All Devon and Cornwall police taped interviews are being sought after by myself and solicitors.Gynn is currently in communications with the Independent of Office of Police Conduct.Two previous attacks ate currently being in estigated.All attacks remain open investigation.four pepetrators live in the same bulilding. Livewest Social Housing and Gynn at Stage 2 Complainrs. The housing ombudsman is now involved.Gynn has photographic, reported and film evidence to show the group of friends continual Hate Crime. Gynn has collected such for ten years.

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