10 Comments on “No Stars

  1. Some of us find love very hard. We mess it up. Especially when we find we love someone so much it becomes terrifying. The fear of losing that love can sometimes make us push it away. Which is a ridiculously sad and painful (and hurtful) thing to do. I know that I am guilty of being scared, and of saying the wrong things. When you say the wrong thing I suppose you get the wrong reaction in return. Maybe, instead of saying ‘you’re wrong’, or ‘goodbye’ people need to say ‘actually I love you, even if everyone else thinks it’s a bad idea, and if only you would let me I would take you in to my home and my heart like a bird with a broken wing, and care for you for the rest of your days’. The rain is my only comfort. I wish I could find God. I hope the stars are looking after you.

    • I wish I could find God too.she is always ducking and diving. x ❤️

  2. Sometimes the scariest thing can be seeing a person you love deeply, having to go back somewhere they’re in danger. I am scared o Death yet invite it in sometimes, I hate goodbyes yet I cause them to happen. I am a very flawed person. Not as brave as I thought I was, either. I hope that God, whoever he or she is, looks after all the fragile gingerbread men (or people) in the World. I miss the taste of gingerbread. Don’t eat me.

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