Survivor. Artist. Poet. Musician. Trained Nurse. Lecturer. Masters Degree Artist. Public Speaker no. 11 Downing Street. Public Speaker for the ‘National Autistic Society’ House of Commons. Winner of a Koestler Award. Winner of arts Council Award. Survivor of incest and child sexual abuse. Survivor of Depression. Survivor of maternal thalidomide prescription. Postal Worker. Cleaner. Housekeeper. Diswasher. Community Support Worker. Victim and Survivor of multiple violent Hate Crime Attacks. Comedian, National Theatres. Live Literature , Slam poet, National Arts Venues and Theatres. Worship Leader. Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter. Folders of up to a hundred National Qualifications and Certificates.Never used violence/Never fought Back. Survivor of Police neglect, disability discrimination, homophobia, transphobia. – I have friends.And Friend. I am a good friend, I open my heart up to others. Always.

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