Because Love Is The Stars. Infanite. Beyond Maths. Beyond Math (Americans can’t count, it’s plural)

And I am Smiling now.

Because I am loved and I FEEL that love – I can teaspoon snow and sand and seawater at your door. Whatever you need. I am at Your Door.

And because I feel that I am loved – I can do thisI can move a Mountain.

I am an artist and I can move a Mountain.

Because I am so loved – I can love you too.I am the mountain. I am sure the fuck I can move myself.

Did you ever love someone so much that the potential of loss of them cripple you, turned you to stone, made you marble and steel.

Did You?

Did you ever think that that holding their hand would invite jelousy, badness and pain. Grief and hurt?

Of course you did and you knew that. But, you did it anyway, because your heart told you to. Not Your brain.

Your heart soared with Gulls and Canadian Goose and you knew, like you have always KNOWN.

While resting under apple trees in Countries throughout the world … that the heart always wins. Not the brain. Not some cold fucking Docter.

Your heart always wins the race. From the moment of 123 Go, You Win.Because of your survival default.

Because of all of those whom love you.

Because of all of those who stated you failed. Because of a God whom we tease and braid his hair, gently and in beautiful pinks.

Because of those sunsets.

Because of that music.

Because we believe in compassion, mercy, truth, grace and Love.

This is not a poem. I am just happily drunk on Love. Goodnight.

This is a poem. This is a song. This is Art. Mr. Alyster Gynn. October 2021.

God, for fuck sake don’t make me an artist, poet or musian. Make me an awesome plumber, an electrician a carpenter. Make me someone of use.

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