Earlier, in September I was attacked. It was, absolutely terrifying. My friends on Social Media helped me so much. Here is my Thank You to them:

‘Update. Thank You for your kind responses after my recent traumatic experience. Again, my apologies if I don’t respond, I am still recovering. As you can see my injuries are healing well, although emotionally and psychologically – I have a long way to go. At first, I was intent on staying indoors and not venturing out or meeting up with my outreach worker. However, I quickly realised that the effects of that isolation would detriment my independence. I have been walking everyday (for hours on end) to get fresh air, exercise and combat the isolation, anxiety and fear. I have not yet been back to Church, but I hope to this coming Sunday. I have been getting food and even made chips tonight and a home made curry sauce. Thank You so much for your kindness everyone it has made the world of difference. You have no idea how grateful I am. Lots of Love, Alyster. ‘

and another attack in Looe just to add to the collection. 2018. Reason: Transphobic.

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