Everyday I am crying inside. I just want their bullying to stop. I am indebted to those whom are helping. Thank You.

Because of it I have, previously, tried to take my own life over and over again.

A group of people all hell bent on telling lies about me, setting me up to endure the most awful violence, leaving out human faeces and dog’s faeces outside my door.

They have punched me over and over again and kicked me.

The abuse from, at least, one of the crowd is almost on a daily basis.

I am autistic. I can’t explain what effect it has on me. The trauma is overwhelming.

My special world, sight and sound are all too difficult to cope with when people harass or hurt me.

They are manipulative and they are not truthful.

If anyone else is going through this bullying and hate crime, I feel so sorry for you too.

We have to get through it, but how? And what do we do?

I need police help for it to stop.

The police won’t listen to me. They don’t understand the impact autism has on me.

I am so desperately sad.

I can’t paint, I can’t write music or cook for myself anymore.

I eat, near enough the same meal everyday.

I have no desire to eat now.

I have all of the evidence and photos and reports of my injuries.

I could put them here on my blog and do the ‘name/shame’ thing.

But, it doesn’t feel the best approach.

Surely that would only put me more at risk.

I am currently being ‘safegaurded’ by Cornwall Council

My social worker is amasing and my advocates too. And my priests from our local churches.

They listen and understand and I am indebted to them.

I feel let down by Devon and Cornwall police. There have been some kind officers, but too many of them have injured me further.

I think, eventually, they will kill me.

That, or I will not survive.

My sincere apologies that this is a glum blog update.

I spoke out about illegal drug use and blatant covid breaches.

I cleared up maggots, heroine needles, rotten food and human and dogs poo left out for me to distress me.

I am broken.

I have no idea if I can be repaired.

With some of these bullies they enjoy seeing me hurt or distressed. 

They are committing hate crime against an autistic man.

I phone the Samaritans hundreds of times.

I am a victim of their bullying and malicious court prosecution.

I know my own truth.

I am isolated and lonely in this world that continues to hurt me.

I have no voice now.

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