Nothing Will Stop Me Now

Human faeces and Dogs faeces left out for that Autistic Man specifically. The one that has a ‘hidden disability’ but cannot be hidden, because he wears huge fluorescent ‘peltor’ ear defenders and an arm badge with clear information that he is autistic.

When they did it, my neighbours involved (heavily) in illegal drugs, they laughed.

And much more.

This is a Community, a Town – Hellbent on making ‘Hate Crime’ casual and ‘normal.’

Nothing Will Stop Me Now – Writing a public blog with every last detail I have collected of how it is to suffer from such crimes, for those people never prosecuted, even professionals and police officers whom coerce and allow it. Allow until that Autistic, Transgender Man’s death.

It’s where Town gossips think they know facts, but do not. And this doesn’t stop them from vilifying, or discriminating or using the snake pit of casual talk to put a vulnerable person’s life at risk. 
They do, of course. 
Not Me. No More.

Publish and be damned. 
Tell Me Something That Is News.
Damned if and …

My personal blog is fast developing to include my experiences of a Cornish Man living (just about) in the ‘pretty’ Town of Looe. Cornwall.

What happens within buildings, behind closed doors, within whispering wicked wagging Tongues of gossip leads to lives being lost and huge suffering. 

I will do my part. I will continue my part to expose the threads of discrimination and how they lead to violence. Real violence, the stuff people run away from and are too scared to even imagine. 
The stuff that I have experienced as a Victim of Hate Crime over and over. 

This. This is what saves lives. 
Challenging ignorance and deliberate cruelty.

I have never turned away from such in my life.
Now I face it full on.
My coming blog updates will chill you to the bone.
And if they don’t – then you and your complacency – have my sincere condolences.See

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