It Rhymes With Orange

Painting  ‘It Rhymes With Orange’

Acrylic on Canvas 2006 (254mm by 355mm/10″ by 14″)


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There is too much to write about this Artist and maybe too, too much to know. A brief description of his work, a summary of his achievements and downfalls are numerous and almost incalculable. He is writings his memoirs and that should help matters. He gained success at three United Kingdom Art Schools: Plymouth, Falmouth and Norwich. Being a Fine Art student is all well and good, but they didn’t tell him how to cope with depression and for many years Gynn was undecided as to which came first – the depression before the Art, or the Art before depression. Was it a cause of mental ill health? Or was it the medicine needed?

Gynn has so many certificates of education (no really!) that he seldom knows how to relate them to everyday living and Independence. Perhaps they don’t, perhaps being such a highly professional Artist doesn’t, in itself, pay the bills.

Gynn will look at a cooker and mutter ‘this is not a cooker.’ Cereal for every meal solves this.

Rather than scrawl over and remark each certificate and each record with a scribed Alyster Gynn not the previous Alison Gynn or Aly Gynn – he changed his gender, his sex.

Born Female, but in the wrong body!

(As many may understand the phenomenon)

The certificates are pretty and someone had taken great care to exercise their calligraphy skills. Besides, a journey of life is a journey of Art or the other way around. Had the diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome been made in his younger years, he would have understood why Art was such an essential part of his life. He would have understood so much more about himself, but that’s life!

(As many may understand the phenomenon)

He spent some years living in Suffolk UK, but for the most part he was born in Cornwall, grew up in Cornwall and lives there now. Born in 1961, He is getting on a bit now.

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