London 2008It’s World Autism day, here is an old photo of me after making a speech for the ‘National Autistic Society’ at No. 11 Downing Street in 2008.  Mark Lever the, now, CEO is in the background. I believe that he is speaking on ITV – TV this morning about some of the myths within the spectrum. This is before I transitioned from Female to Male and I have now completed Gender re-assignment (post-operative)  At the time of this speech I had been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. I knew that I was in the early stage of recognising my own ‘Severe Gender Dysphoria’ too and such was the diagnosed formally.
I had just made a speech for the National Autistic Society, as part of their campaign to raise awareness of Adults on the Autistic Spectrum ‘Think Differently’. The Chancellor and his wife, were both warm and welcoming and complimented me on the content of my speech and how I had delivered it. This photo was just before I began my transition and Gender Re-assignment. Although at the time of this event I was already speaking to people and opening up about the help I would need to become male. The photo was taken by the NAS press photographer. I met him many times, Pleasant chap, although, my apologies, as I have forgotten his name.

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