Disability and Difference

When something is different, it is different because it is not the same as something else.

When some thing is not the same as something else it is different.

When something is unlike something else, it is different.

When something is different than most other things and unlike other things – that something which is unlike other things may become… unlikable.

In the worlds of oranges, tractors, spaghetti, gloves, paint boxes and fan heaters – the issue of difference is not an issue. I would guess that each inanimate, insentient object serves some kind of purpose or role. A ‘can opener’ can open cans. The idea that a tin can may be waiting to be opened by another object designed for such a purpose is silly.  Although, designing a tin can that  is self opening could be an interesting pursuit  – the branding of ‘The Tin Can’ wo uld be cool. If someone designed a tin can which could go into a microwave without exploding – it would be called, simply, the ‘CanCan’. I guess, that that ‘someone’ could be me, but I am too busy trying to cook my tea.

But what of people and mice? Being different can be fun. One needs courage to be different. The big eared mouse, Despereaux, didn’t get where he is today by being ordinary. He was unlike other mice and he became unlikable and banished. And then the penguin with his happy dancing feet, what a life!

I, mistakenly, thought that the animated film about Despereaux was going to focus on his tail.

Having Asperger Syndrome often makes me say things that are unexpected and different. I behave, sometimes, in different ways to other people. Sometimes, lots of times, my brain is unlike many many other brains.

It is heart warming to know that we will never, completely, be robots or clones. I trust that being different is like each colour of each raindrop on each dandelion leaf.

Unlike is not Unlikable.

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