Rock That Look

I was late for Church this morning, but joined in half way through with the singing. It was quite wonderful. ‘Stir Up Sunday’. I was passed a big bowl of Christmas Pudding mixture by beautiful children. I gave it a stir and smiled a lot. I smiled and meant it with all my heart. I didn’t wear my usual Suit and Cornish tie. This time I went with a casual look. Pink Floyd T shirt, Denim jacket, Thermal long Johns, Pyjama Bottoms, Wetproof trousers and Nike trainers. It is a beautiful day. I sat on the beach front for a bit. I had a conversation with this cloud.

‘Lincoln des bois’ (extrait)

pas publié prochainement), 'Lincoln Of The Woods.'
« D'un coup de couteau contre le silex, il allume un feu dans la neige. Le petit bois est ambré et brille comme la lune au-dessus.
Les animaux s'approchent et sont soulagés de sentir le souffle doux et chaud de Lincoln. Ils attendent son histoire et la cadence de ses bêtises soporifiques.
Pain et soupe de potiron. Lincoln le répand partout. Le donne. Le réchauffe. L'offre.
Les voyageurs perdus et la femme sans nom le prennent, le sentent et le mangent et même le chien errant sourit à travers cette morsure copieuse et nourrissante.
... et son histoire continue
 Disons que le cœur est aussi grand que les océans que nous voyons et les océans que nous n'avons jamais vus. Disons aussi que la capacité d'aimer est plus que ces étoiles. Plus de 3 657 bus à impériale. Plus de 178 800 rouleaux de papier toilette empilés, plus longs qu'un bout de ficelle et plus gros qu'Elvis et plus gros que Lévis.
Imaginons que l'Amour est cela.
(Il bâille. Une chouette hulule. Le chien gratte une puce)
... et imaginons que la haine, en comparaison, a la taille d'une lentille. Imaginons cela.
(Le feu dans la neige crépite, crache, chuchote, brille et danse)
Ils imaginent.
C'est une nuit étoilée.
Dieu merci! médite Owl - pas d'âne de ton de ton qui braire Kumbaya ce soir'

Wonderful Church Day

Riverside Church, Looe in Cornwall. It’s was a wonderful Church day. …Aaaaawwww it was so lovely. The Church was packed. We sung ‘Love Divine’. The whole sermon by (Biddy Bishop) was about ‘Love.’ Off for a walk in the sunshine now.

Lincoln Of The Woods (Extract)

Extract from my (not soon to be published) illustrated book, ‘Lincoln Of The Woods.’

‘With one strike of his knife against the flint he starts a fire in the snow. The kindling is amber and glows like the moon above. The animals draw near and are relieved to feel Lincoln’s soft, warm breath. They wait for his story and the cadence of his soporific nonsense.

Bread and Pumpkin soup. Lincoln spreads it around. Gives it out. Warms it up. Offers it up. The lost travellers and the woman with no name take it, smell it and eat it and even the stray dog smiles through that hearty, nurturing bites.

…and his story continues

Let us say that the heart is as big as the oceans we see and the oceans we have never seen. Let’s say too that the capacity to love is more than those stars. More than 3,657 double decker buses. More than 178,800 rolls of toilet paper piled high, longer than a piece of string and bigger than Elvis and bigger than Levis.

Let us imagine that Love is that.

(He yawns. An Owl hoots. The dog scratches at a flea).

…and let us imagine that Hate, in comparrison, is the size of a lentil. Let’s imagine that.(

(The fire in the snow crackles, spits, whispers, glows and dances)

They imagine.

It’s a starlit night.

Thank Goodness! ponders Owl – no pitch tone donkey braying Kumbaya tonight’

Hunger Strike Finished

No Stars


Survivor. Artist. Poet. Musician. Trained Nurse. Lecturer. Masters Degree Artist. Public Speaker no. 11 Downing Street. Public Speaker for the ‘National Autistic Society’ House of Commons. Winner of a Koestler Award. Winner of arts Council Award. Survivor of incest and child sexual abuse. Survivor of Depression. Survivor of maternal thalidomide prescription. Postal Worker. Cleaner. Housekeeper. Diswasher. Community Support Worker. Victim and Survivor of multiple violent Hate Crime Attacks. Comedian, National Theatres. Live Literature , Slam poet, National Arts Venues and Theatres. Worship Leader. Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter. Folders of up to a hundred National Qualifications and Certificates.Never used violence/Never fought Back. Survivor of Police neglect, disability discrimination, homophobia, transphobia. Survivor of abusive relationships and domestic violence. F*** You Haters – I have friends.And Friend. I am a good friend, I open my heart up to others. Always.

Building Confidence

Earlier, in September I was attacked. It was, absolutely terrifying. My friends on Social Media helped me so much. Here is my Thank You to them:

‘Update. Thank You for your kind responses after my recent traumatic experience. Again, my apologies if I don’t respond, I am still recovering. As you can see my injuries are healing well, although emotionally and psychologically – I have a long way to go. At first, I was intent on staying indoors and not venturing out or meeting up with my outreach worker. However, I quickly realised that the effects of that isolation would detriment my independence. I have been walking everyday (for hours on end) to get fresh air, exercise and combat the isolation, anxiety and fear. I have not yet been back to Church, but I hope to this coming Sunday. I have been getting food and even made chips tonight and a home made curry sauce. Thank You so much for your kindness everyone it has made the world of difference. You have no idea how grateful I am. Lots of Love, Alyster. ‘

Autumn Days

Since my last bout of depression, I have been constantly walking for hours and cycling. Anything to keep moving. Here is me earlier today with Looe Island behind me.I have been collecting leaf shaped ornaments from charity shops for years. Today I found the little advocado bowls and plates. They are so cute (see picture) the green bowl sits right in the groove of the plate. The wooden led light cross was a gift from my friend Catherine and the dried grasses are picked as a little autumn dried arrangement (of sorts) I’m trying to find ways to nurture my soul. The weather has been beautiful today, but when the rain and cold come, I will still be out walking. And then maybe make one of the recipes from my library book in my slow cooker.❤️ As always, Thank You everyone for your kindness and friendship. x. (oh! and I subscribed to Ultimate guitar chord ap and am currently practicing ‘Knock knock knock on Heaven’s door’.)


Rev Andrew Day and Rev Chloe Jones


I have framed the two portraits of my Minister, Rev Andy Day, and Priest. Rev Chloe Jones. Liskeard and Looe, Methodist Church District, Cornwall. 

Soon to be on their way to respective manses as a gift of gratitude for their kindness, support, inclusivity, and shocking senses of humour. ❤️

Ps, edit. I also want to paint, yet another Kind Minister – Rev Mark Pengelly, the former Superintendent of our district Methodist Churches. And we share a passion for John Deeres. See Less

Rock The Cornish Tie


‘Good Morning beautiful people. I won’t stay too long on FB, or I will be late for Church. I’m so pleased mine is open again. I tend to get isolated, so it will be lovely seeing friends. ❤️❤️❤️Xxx’

Riverside Church. Looe in Cornwall

I have been so happy this weekend as my Church opened for a service. It’s so good to wear something other than hoodies and joggers.