Hate Crime in Looe, Cornwall.

Devon and Cornwall Police Corruption.

Dear Devon and Cornwall Police. Dear Bodmin Courts. Dear Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. Dear Looe Town Council. Dear Livewest Housing LTD. Armand Toms, You think that I did this to myself?

I logged a crime report (it was ignored) – I was beaten the f*** out of by Paul Powell and David Bennet when Sarah Soames just watched. I never beat her, I never hurt her. (Photograph of beaten face)

Leandra Stone then plied them all with drinks at the Admiral Boscarne and they bullied and hurt me on a daily basis and tortured me. (Photograph of my hand after Leandra Stone and Elliot Stone attacked and beat me.

They f****** tortured me. I was/am openly gay was/am openly transgender was/am openly Autistic was/am openly suffering from depression.

Public Statement

I did not ‘beat’ two women. I should never have been ‘found’ guilty nor pleaded guilty. They committed Perjury and Perverted the Course of Justice time and time again with Local Police and Court approval – while my horrendous injuries were ignored. I was ‘Set Up’ over and over again.

The context of other so called crimes will surface over the coming years. Alongside the coruption over these last few years of Devon and Cornwall Police, Livewest Housing and a whole group of vicious thugs in Looe Cornwall both Women and Men.

Around the turn of the Millennium – 2000 – Here I am with my cat ‘Milly’ at our Cottage in Thurston. Bury St Edmunds. (Pre autism diagnosis and pre Severe Gender Dysphoria diagnosis) – I ‘presented as a woman’ and I identified at that time as a Lesbian. I was in a long term relationship with And It was the start to my journey of diagnosis at Cambridge Autism Research Centre.

With my (then) long term partner’s input (and I remain hugely indebted and grateful to her) into my day to day communications and struggles and my input/voice – plus my Mother’s extensive telephone interview – I was diagnosed. My Mother was telephoned by the clinicians and she was able to fill in many gaps about my childhood communications.

All in all a very thorough diagnosis that my biological family and local police have not acknowledged for their own corrupt and despicable benefit.

Luckily out of an illegal eviction (Just recently in Looe, Cornwall) in which I was completely and utterly set up with no voice – My paperwork of years has been returned alongside old laptops and access to thousands of files of my art works and music – plus the photographs that I took for evidence of the most incredible beatings and torture that I endured that last year at St Mary’s Flats (A property run by Livewest Housing LTD)

I remain in contact with the Independent Office of Police Conduct. The Housing Ombudsman. With other ongoing complaints to Cornwall Partnership NHS Trust.

Around -possibly year 2000 (I will check this, but early 2000 – The first decade) The photo with ‘Milly’ was before I came out as Transgender (female to male) And then went on a long journey of gender change after too – being diagnosed as having ‘severe gender dysphoria’

My Thanks to Cambridge Autism Research Centre and my Thanks to Dix Hill Gender Clinic over all those years.

More will come to light over the coming years for sure. I don’t regret speaking out about illegal drugs activities that involved other tenants and children. I was not protected. The Police failed me and the courts failed me, the community failed me, my family failed me – Others too and the pain is like no other. I am moving on in a new life now – but I will never recover from these injustices in Cornwall. Or the illegalities my biological family undertook with corrupt police officers. It is unlikely I will be writing here again for some time. After years of official challenge against vast failings (and Yes, Devon and Cornwall Police force should be in ‘Special Measures’)

When I am well enough – I will continue to evince the truth from my perspective.

In the trauma of enforced and biased eviction and numerous beating against me in which the Police and Courts ignored.

I am now in a position to fill out crime reports for four other beatings against me over the last four years.

Severe punches and attack from two Landlords of a pub (Transphobic)

Gouged hand, beatings to head and failure to let me get to safety while inciting violence against me (Mother and Son of Nightclub)

Severe punching to face unprovoked attack by a Cafe owner, possibly leaving permanent breathing problems a clinician has informed me. I will be seeing an ear nose and throat Consultant this year.

And then another unprovoked attack in broad daylight by a long time bully with a local tattoo business woman and cashier of ‘Saltrock’ running out to tell Tourists not to help me and inciting more violence. Police were informed and both Police and Ambulance have photo footage of three of those attacks.

I am also working with my solicitors, Miscarriage of Justice Support Service (discriminatory Police Practices) and the CCRC Criminal Cases Review Commission.

At the age of 61 – I am a formally diagnosed Autistic Adult who struggles in dreadful ways without support. I am ‘fully transitioned’ from female to male (a Transman) I have two birth certs and a gender recognition certificate. I am not stealth, nor ever have been. I was the first Country Wide legally transgender Man(Transman) to be held at Channing’s Wood Men’s Prison for four months. I attended meetings with Safer Custody, Equalities and LGBT officers, Prison Governors and many more. I chose, at my stage of life of transitioning not to have an operation called a Phalloplasty (even though the (second opinion) consultant in Bristol had given me the go ahead should I wish on the NHS as was my chest Construction surgery.

I have recently come out of a relationship whereby for the first time ever – this last three weeks – a Police Officer actually listened without bias against me and discrimination against me about how aspects of that relationship harmed me greatly. There may be a turning point, one day, of me having a voice without the constant and relentless violence against me from so many and that includes Police bruising without me ever ever resisting arrest. I am 5′ 2″ and weigh 9 stones.

To witness people and police lie in courts is heartbreaking and for the courts to uphold their untruths.

I, literally, now feel nauseous and could so easily vomit with trauma and memory of the cruelty of Looe, Cornwall, Duloe, Cornwall and Launceston Cornwall. If anyone else has been a victim of Discriminatory Devon and Cornwall Policing or miscarriage of Justice in Bodmin Magistrates Courts – I would like to hear from you. Kind Regards. Mr. Alyster Gynn, MA

I was never ‘evicted from 5 towns or homes’ as ‘The Admiral Boscarne’ in Looe, Cornwall is private messaging my Social Media friends in PM. The Police are aware of the falsehoods she has put around the town of Looe, actively. And they are aware too that this has lead to enormous violence toward me.

1.Lived in Falmouth as an Art Student – never evicted.

2.Lived in Penzance with Partner (Elaine) never evicted.

3.Lived in Risbygate Street, Bury St Edmunds with partner (Elaine) both of us lecturers in Further Education – West Suffolk College. Never Evicted.

4.Lived in our Cottage, Thurston, Bury St Edmunds. Never Evicted.

5.Lived in town again. Elaine and her son helped me get a flat. Again never evicted.

6.Lived with my parents as temporary homeless in Launceston, Cornwall as I wanted to be near them as I started the journey of transitioning from female to male. With Dix’s Hill gender, Clinic in Exeter and Newton Abbott. Once again. Never Evicted.

7.From my parents house – I was helped to get a temporary homeless accomodation flat in Bodmin Cornwall. Once again …Never Evicted.

8.From there I was helped by Social Services and amasing mental health nurse, a local mental health day care centre – Trelil Court, Bodmin

Never Evicted.

  • 9. and they all helped me get a flat at St Mary’s, Looe, Cornwall – then in 2011 with Devon and Cornwall housing.

It changed hands to Livewest Housing LTD.

10. After corruption of Livewest Housing employees and local Looe and Liskeard Police together with ‘The Admiral Boscarne’ and ‘Loowena Cafe’ and many others who committed systematic ‘Hate Crime’ to a vulnerable, safeguarded, transgender, autistic adult.

I was evicted.

Here from a recent (January 2023) Cornish and Devon newspaper article: Quote

‘Home Office  figures show 1,362 misconduct allegations were made against Devon and Cornwall Police officers and handled under the formal complaints process in the year to April 2022.’




Hunger Strike Commenced 2022 – 12 days

This Date 22nd February 2022. Mr Alyster Gynn. (finished 12 days later)

Lincoln de los bosques: Chapter 1

Lincoln of the Woods: Capítulo 1
Capítulo uno. Caballo.

Y allí estaba él, de pie bajo la lluvia, pero sin sentir.

Y allí estaba él, parado en el bosque, pero sin ver.

Y allí estaba él, de pie junto a su caballo, pero sin oír.


Lincoln de los bosques.

El viento cayó como un elefante en una tirolina.

Too Quiet se dijo Lincoln para sí mismo y no para sí mismo.

'Muy silencioso.'

Y entonces comprendió que los vientos habían llamado a Snow.
El silencio que estaba escuchando ahora era nieve

Lincoln of the Woods: Chapter 1


And there he was standing in the rain – but not feeling.

And there he was standing in the woods – but not seeing.

And there he was standing by his horse – but not hearing.


Lincoln of the Woods.

The wind dropped like an elephant on a zip wire.

Too Quiet said Lincoln to himself and not to himself.

‘Too Quiet.’

And then he understood, the winds had beckoned Snow.

The silence he was hearing now, was snow

Lincoln de los bosques

Lincoln de los bosques

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Lincoln Of The Woods (Extracto)
por Alyster Gynn
Extracto de mi libro ilustrado (que no se publicará pronto), "Lincoln Of The Woods".

“Con un golpe de su cuchillo contra el pedernal, enciende un fuego en la nieve. La leña es de color ámbar y brilla como la luna de arriba. Los animales se acercan y se sienten aliviados al sentir el suave y cálido aliento de Lincoln. Esperan su historia y la cadencia de sus tonterías soporíferas.

Sopa de pan y calabaza. Lincoln lo esparce. Lo da. Lo calienta. Lo ofrece. Los viajeros perdidos y la mujer sin nombre lo toman, lo huelen y lo comen, e incluso el perro callejero sonríe a través de esos mordiscos sustanciosos y cariñosos.

... y su historia continúa

Digamos que el corazón es tan grande como los océanos que vemos y los océanos que nunca hemos visto. Digamos también que la capacidad de amar es más que esas estrellas. Más de 3.657 autobuses de dos pisos. Más de 178,800 rollos de papel higiénico apilados, más largos que un trozo de cuerda y más grandes que Elvis y más grandes que Levis.

Imaginemos que el Amor es eso.

(Bosteza. Un búho ulula. El perro rasca una pulga).

… E imaginemos que el Odio, en comparación, es del tamaño de una lenteja. Imaginemos eso. (

(El fuego en la nieve crepita, escupe, susurra, brilla y baila)

Se imaginan.

Es una noche estrellada.

¡Gracias a dios! reflexiona Búho - no hay tono burro rebuznando Kumbaya esta noche "

Lincoln av Skogen

Lincoln av skogen
Lincoln av skogen



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Lincoln of the Woods (extrakt)
av Alyster Gynn
Utdrag från min (kommer inte att publiceras snart) illustrerade bok, "Lincoln Of The Woods."

"Med ett slag av sin kniv mot flintan tänder han en eld i snön. Tändningen är bärnsten och lyser som månen ovanför. Djuren närmar sig och är lättade över att känna Lincolns mjuka, varma andetag. De väntar på hans berättelse och takten i hans sövande nonsens.

Bröd och pumpasoppa. Lincoln sprider det runt. Ger ut det. Värmer upp den. Erbjuder det. De vilsna resenärerna och kvinnan utan namn tar det, luktar på det och äter det och till och med den herrelösa hunden ler genom de rejäla, vårdande betten.

...och hans historia fortsätter

Låt oss säga att hjärtat är lika stort som haven vi ser och haven vi aldrig sett. Låt oss också säga att förmågan att älska är mer än dessa stjärnor. Fler än 3 657 dubbeldäckare. Mer än 178 800 rullar toalettpapper staplade högt, längre än ett snöre och större än Elvis och större än Levis.

Låt oss föreställa oss att kärlek är det.

(Han gäspar. En uggla tutar. Hunden kliar sig på en loppa).

…och låt oss föreställa oss att hat, i jämförelse, är storleken på en lins. Låt oss föreställa oss det.(

(Elden i snön sprakar, spottar, viskar, glöder och dansar)

De föreställer sig.

Det är en stjärnklar natt.

Tack gode Gud! begrundar Uggla – ingen tonhöjd åsna som bräker Kumbaya ikväll’

The Candle Of Hope

The Candle Of Hope.

Walking through the streets of Looe, Cornwall – the Christmas lights do look beautiful this year. Despite their flashing brightness – there is a jaded, less convinced feel about them.

A response to and from the Pandemic? A ‘do as we always do’ …but with some uncertainty? A little whisper of gossip, of trepidation. This year is unlike so many other years.


I like to see things from different angles. I am not saying it helps or it gives any insight. I am saying – I like to see things from different angles.

This is the lighting of the first advent candle. The candle of Hope.

And this is what I will call this picture, to be painted before Christmas day.

The photo was taken on Monday 6th December 2021 at about 2am.From East Looe side, looking toward the bridge. Inbetween The Petrol Station and The Old Bridge Surgery.

Kilminorth Woods

Early Morning Walk, Kilminorth Woods, Looe, Cornwall.




Refuse To Be The Scapegoat. If you are The ‘Fallguy’ a cobweb will catch you and bounce you and spin you into your own truth. Challenge and Change Will Happen. Live and Thrive in the Wilderness and come back telling Stories of Hope.

Alyster Gynn 2021

Rock That Look

I was late for Church this morning, but joined in half way through with the singing. It was quite wonderful. ‘Stir Up Sunday’. I was passed a big bowl of Christmas Pudding mixture by beautiful children. I gave it a stir and smiled a lot. I smiled and meant it with all my heart. I didn’t wear my usual Suit and Cornish tie. This time I went with a casual look. Pink Floyd T shirt, Denim jacket, Thermal long Johns, Pyjama Bottoms, Wetproof trousers and Nike trainers. It is a beautiful day. I sat on the beach front for a bit. I had a conversation with this cloud.

‘Lincoln des bois’ (extrait)

pas publié prochainement), 'Lincoln Of The Woods.'
« D'un coup de couteau contre le silex, il allume un feu dans la neige. Le petit bois est ambré et brille comme la lune au-dessus.
Les animaux s'approchent et sont soulagés de sentir le souffle doux et chaud de Lincoln. Ils attendent son histoire et la cadence de ses bêtises soporifiques.
Pain et soupe de potiron. Lincoln le répand partout. Le donne. Le réchauffe. L'offre.
Les voyageurs perdus et la femme sans nom le prennent, le sentent et le mangent et même le chien errant sourit à travers cette morsure copieuse et nourrissante.
... et son histoire continue
 Disons que le cœur est aussi grand que les océans que nous voyons et les océans que nous n'avons jamais vus. Disons aussi que la capacité d'aimer est plus que ces étoiles. Plus de 3 657 bus à impériale. Plus de 178 800 rouleaux de papier toilette empilés, plus longs qu'un bout de ficelle et plus gros qu'Elvis et plus gros que Lévis.
Imaginons que l'Amour est cela.
(Il bâille. Une chouette hulule. Le chien gratte une puce)
... et imaginons que la haine, en comparaison, a la taille d'une lentille. Imaginons cela.
(Le feu dans la neige crépite, crache, chuchote, brille et danse)
Ils imaginent.
C'est une nuit étoilée.
Dieu merci! médite Owl - pas d'âne de ton de ton qui braire Kumbaya ce soir'