Hate Crime, Looe In Cornwall

I am Challenging Bodmin Courts and their corruption of Judicial Proceedings, alongside Devon and Cornwall Police and Livewest Housing LTD. East Cornwall Looe Trust and Looe Harbour commission. and, in part, Cornwall Council.

I remain in contact with the housing Ombudsman, the Professional standards of policing, and The Independent Office of Police Conduct. I am a ‘Victim’ of Hate crime.

As a Cornishman – Hate Crime is unacceptable.

Devon and Cornwall Police and Livewest Housing. You are Fucking Killing Us

Hate Crime ignored by Devon and Cornwall Police. Looe and Liskeard

Devon and Cornwall Police are Corrupt

You fucking let me get beat up over and over – Queer bashing on this day in July 12/07/2022 – During Covid and more and after – I hate You as a Public organisation and Statutory body of power. I hate you as a christian for not protecting me. I hate you as an autistic person for not protecting me. I hate you as public body for not protecting me when I wa formally depressed – I fucking hate you. You pretend that you care about helping people from LBBTQIA _,

You a farce – not a force.

– I hate you for the beatings I took and you did Fuck all to Help me.

Smile On Through

‘The Lord Is My Shepherd and He Knows I’m Gay’ – Troy Perry

God Only Knows

the misunderstood and the ones to blame..

Easter 2022

Happy Easter, Dear Friends.

Thank You so much for all the support that you give and have given me. I am so grateful.

Psalm 16:8 – “I am always aware of the Lord’s presence; he is near, and nothing can shake me.”




Up to 10 physical assaults against me
4 Death threats
Spoke out about illegal drugs, my autistic distress made to look like I was on illegal drugs.
Maligned, gossiped about and slandered, literally, countless times.
A contemporary ‘Witch’ Hunt.
My Car Trashed.
Countless overt perverting the course of Justice.

Business men and a former Mayor allowing a friend on public social media calling a woman a ‘Black B****’ 



Shame On Them

This was last September. I was set up, With incredible sadness, I realise my bullies have won. I need to move for my safety and sanity. Devon and Cornwall Police and Livewest Housing refuse to help me or protect me. I am heart broken. So many beatings and injuries I have had now. They are always going to lie. Ignorant people my Solicitor called them. I will always try and forgive them as my favourite prayer is ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ 

I am absolutely terrified at moving. Every bit of strength in me has gone. I just have one little bit of Spirit and Soul left. 

My apologies if I don’t respond. I have just been on the phone to The Samaritans yet again. 

Hate Crime has won in Looe in Cornwall. 

Shame On Them 



It’s that point when the world is beautiful. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

When one knows that Justice can not be bought.

When one knows that they Love. ❤️

Your world is in chaos and everything around You is chaos, but you find a seashell and everything fits into place.


When they talk of me Most is Truth, some is not.

I learned how to forgive and I found compassion in extraordinay circumstances.

I found Kindness in a Storm.

I found Justice in a Court Room with them all yapping like excited dogs.

Just like the children on skateboards wishing by, I found that I too could make a harp and a tamborine.

I don’t play with matches, but I found that I could light a candle and pray.

I am not frightened of the dark.

And never will be again.

And I am so so grateful that I learned how to weep and cry again – I am so so so grateful.

I thought they were tears of Sorrow, this was not true – they were tears of Joy.


It’s my 61 years Birthday. I have, absolutely, no idea how come I am still alive. Thumbs up to my twin bruv, Lincoln, lost this day as still birth because of Thalidomide.

It’s my 61 years Birthday. I have, absolutely, no idea how come I am still alive. Thumbs up to my twin bruv, Lincoln, lost this day as still birth because of Thalidomide. I had to give him a name because no one else could or would. or did. Mr. Lincoln Gynn . Cornwall. 13 th March 1961.